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A Beginning List of Fourteen DVDs/Films
for those interested in refugee issues

Border Politics – New Film About a “Dark Patch in Australian History”

  • Border Politicstrailer 
  • BORDER POLITICS follows human rights barrister Julian Burnside as he traverses the globe examining the harsh treatment meted out to refugees by most Western democracies.
  • This contemporary story is about the threat to human rights, the loss of democratic values and our increasingly heartless treatment of ‘the other’.

The Staging Post – Inspirational new film

  • The film follows two Afghan Hazara refugees, Muzafar and Khadim
    Muzafar was a presenter at 2018 National RAR Conference

Journey Beyond Fear

  • Filmed over 7 years, this is a story of love as much as a tale of persecution. Zahra and her family are Muslim refugees searching for re-settlement. Her parents, both orphans in Afghanistan, fled to Iran to continue their forbidden love for each other where Zahra and her two sisters are born. Here, they suffer persecution and witness severe brutality towards Afghan refugees. The children are not permitted to attend school and the family is in constant fear of being deported to Afghanistan.

Stop the Boats 

  • Stop the Boats tells the story of how Australia used a three word slogan to demonise people seeking asylum fleeing war and persecution, condemning them to indefinite offshore detention and torture in prison camps on Manus Islsand  and Nauru. The stories of the experience of asylum seeking are told by asylum seekers including children from within detention centres, secretly filmed in Nauru and Manus.

The Merger

  • n the tradition of The Castle and Ali’s Wedding, one of Australia’s most popular comedians, Damian Callinan adapts his entertaining and topical stage play, The Merger for the big screen!

    Bodgy Creek is a struggling town. The drought won’t let up, jobs are scarce after the mill was shut down, and the footy team looks like it will have to merge with anoher club or fold. Living a hermit-like existence on the town’s fringe, former football star turned ‘Town Killer’ Troy Carrington (Damian Callinan), is coaxed into rescuing the team after striking up an unlikely friendship with young Neil (Raffety Grierson) who is struggling with the recent loss of his father.

    Teaming up with Neil’s mum Angie (Kate MulvanyThe Great Gatsby) who runs a nearby refugee support centre, they unite to recruit the new arrivals to save the team and take the community on a journey of change. But for some, like Neil’s grandfather and Club President, Bull (fan-favourite, John HowardSeaChange) and ‘star’ player Carpet Burn (Angus McLarenHotel Mumbai), it’s more change than they’re willing to take.

    With a winning cast including Penny Cook (A Country Practice), Nick Cody (Please Like Me), Zenia Starr (Hotel Mumbai), Aaron GocsSahil Saluja (Tomorrow, When the War Began), Ben Knight (The Warriors), Stephen Hunter (The Hobbit) and Fayssal Bazzi(Peter Rabbit), The Merger is a hilarious and heart-felt comedy from the team who brought you Backyard Ashes.

    List of venues and screening times here – September 2018


  • JIRGA is a riveting story about a former Australian soldier who returns to Afghanistan to find the family of a villager he accidentally killed during a night raid and to pay them compensation. He is tried by the village court called “the Jirga” as forgiveness cannot be purchased.

Island of the Hungry Ghosts

  • Christmas Island’s famous migrating crabs, lost souls caught in limbo and political detainees intersect in lyrical, highly cinematic fashion in the Tribeca Film Festival Best Documentary award winner.
  • The tiny Indian Ocean Territory of Christmas Island has been a centre for migrating populations for millennia – first, the distinctive Christmas Island red crabs; then phosphate miners from Malaya in the 19th century; and most recently, people seeking asylum in Australia. It is here, at the nexus of the three, that first-time feature documentarian Gabrielle Brady locates her extraordinary essay, an expansion of her award-winning 2017 short The Island.  –
  • Here is a little 20 minute taster from The Guardian UK released last year.  –
  • Best Documentary Tribeca Film Festival 2018.
  • Prix Buyens-Chagoll Visions du Reel, Switzerland 2018
  • Best Documentary Official Competition at Valletta Film Festival 2018
  • Special Jury Mention Edinburgh Film Festival 2018