Returned to Nauru against medical advice

Iranian refugee and son at risk of suicide returned to Nauru against medical advice

Fatemah and son, 17, taken from Taiwan in pre-dawn transfer to Australian-run centre

Helen Davidson and Saba Vasefi  

 ‘A place of torture’: Iranian refugees sent back to Nauru – video

An Iranian refugee and her son have been returned to Nauru from Taiwan in a pre-dawn transfer which went against psychiatric advice that the son not be returned because his severe mental illness is caused by his detention.

Fatemah and her 17-year-old son, who Guardian Australia will refer to as Hamid, had been in Taiwan for two months after they were medically transferred from the Australian-run immigration centre.

Fatemah had been waiting 18 months for critical heart surgery but refused to be separated from Hamid, who was suicidal after more than five years on Nauru.

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