ALP: Richard Marles: Speaks about Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers: what will Labor do?

Richard Marles talks to Open Labor

6pm July 15, Celtic Club, 316 Queen Street, Melbourne

With a Federal Election due in the next 15 months, and perhaps sooner, Labor is preparing for another campaign that will be fought, at least in part, on asylum seekers.

What is Labor’s policy and why does it hold this policy?

How will it campaign on the issue at the election?

We’re very pleased that Richard Marles, Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, has agreed to speak to Open Labor on these and other questions.

Corrine Grant from our asylum seeker policy group will chair the meeting and explain Open Labor’s work in this area.

There will be an opportunity to ask Richard questions at the end.

It’s going to be a fascinating and important night. See you there.Open Labor

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