Robert Adler, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist: Off-shore Detention

One psychiatrist’s experience of visiting offshore processing centres for people seeking asylum in Australia

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Robert Adler Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Private practice, Melbourne, South Yarra, VIC, Australia

Objective: To describe the author’s experience of visiting Christmas Island and Nauru offshore detention centres as a visiting child and adolescent psychiatrist in the context of his own experience as a refugee from Europe after WWII.

Method: Following a visit to Nauru the author wrote to the Prime Minister and leader of the Opposition expressing his objections to the policies of recent Coalition and Labor Governments.

Results: His actions have led to the author not being invited to return to these centres as a visiting psychiatrist. Conclusions: The author acknowledges the importance of stopping the boats and proposes that a more humane approach is needed for asylum seekers who arrive by boat.

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