Rohingya Crisis, Deportations, People-Smuggling … and more

  • President of Refugees International Eric P Schwartz discusses his recent visit to Bangladesh in a Council for Foreign Relations event focusing on the Rohingya crisis.
  • Stefanie Glinski reports on a growing sex industry in the Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps.
  • The Migration Policy Institute’s Getachew Zeru Gebrekidan considers the role of violence and drought in shaping patterns of migration in South Sudan. UNHCR has also expressed concernabout the creation of refugees and internally displaced persons in the country.
  • Mica Rosenberg, Reade Levinson and Ryan McNeill investigate the role of discretion and geography in shaping the decisions of US immigration courts.
  • Writing for The Atlantic, Alice Su discusses recent Jordanian deportations of refugees to Syria.
  • The Center for Global Development’s Michael Clemens outlines a ‘crack at the heart’ of the Global Compact on Migration.
  • A recent report from Oxford University’s Migration Observatory analyses the economic and political arguments behind and feasibility of a subnational immigration system in the UK.
  • In the context of the ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour, the International Labour Organization’s Tomoko Nishimoto has released a statement on migrant domestic workers, decent work and the need to turn commitments into action.
  • ASPI has published People smugglers globally, 2017, a comparative report focusing on people-smuggling syndicates around the world, ‘hotspots’ and policy recommendations to curb the trade.