Sister Jane Keogh on Manus: “I’ve never been more upset or traumatised in my life.”

‘Never been more traumatised’: 72-year-old nun recounts Manus Island visit


A neatly-made bed sits in a sunlit room, empty and waiting for visiting refugees at the house of 72-year-old Jane Keogh.

The nun and former school principal has often welcomed desperate people into her home in Downer. Four weeks ago on Manus Island, she visited theirs.

Jane Keogh has been flying to Manus Island to assist asylum seekers. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong

As the island readied for the closure of its detention centre on October 31, she flew to Papua New Guinea for the second time this year to see its asylum seekers.

“What I couldn’t believe this time was the deteriorated health of the men,” she said.

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Doug Dingwall – Canberra Times – OCTOBER 24 2017