Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS)

Online Petition  re SRSS Cuts – Back Your Neighbour campaign

Stop cruel cuts to support for asylum seekers living in the community.

Sign the petition here. You can also email your MP here.

The Back Your Neighbour campaign is run by the Local Government Mayoral Taskforce Supporting People Seeking Asylum, a group of Australian Councils who are speaking out against Federal Government cuts to the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) program leaving thousands of asylum seeker families living in Australia destitute and homeless. For more information about the Taskforce click here.


For information about the cuts to SRSS

  1. Refugee Council of Australia Factsheet
  2. Australian Churches Taskforce – How Can I Help – Dignity Not Destitution
    Dignity Not Destitution brochure


People must not be made homeless and destitute
Victorian Local Government Mayoral Taskforce Supporting People Seeking Asylum
17/9/2018 – Joint Statement re SRSS from Local Government

Leeton makes further bid to support asylum seekers
Photo: Leeton Mayor Paul Maytom & Afghani translator Abdullah Nazari.

Leeton Shire Council has become a member of the Local Government Mayoral Taskforce Supporting People Seeking Asylum.
The organisation has been formed in response to the federal government withdrawing all income support for hundreds of people seeking asylum, but are already living in communities such as Leeton.

Kon Karapanagiotidis (ASRC) explains govt plan to starve out 12,500 people seeking asylum

ARAN -Australian Refugee Action Network campaign:

Stop the Cuts to SRSS
Printable Postcards here



Message from RAR President

As SRSS cuts start to bite we will have more requests for assistance, so if you have accommodation, please let me know. 
If any members want to assist me to organise requests can you let me know please. Email – 


SRSS leaflet
You can print it out double sided and there is room at the bottom for the name, address and phone number of your local member. Thank you Mike from Bellingen and Nambucca District RAR.

  • Cuts to SRSS are already happening
  • SRSS was paid to people while they wait for their asylum applications to be processed.
  • Processing of asylum applications has blown out to 2020
  • SRSS was only 85% of Newstart

• 13.299 people could be affected
• This includes 4,059 children (age 0- 17 years).

  • Help will be needed for food, housing, social inclusion and jobs.


Australian Churches Taskforce

Dignity Not Destitution
Dignity Not Destitution brochure


Kon Karapanagiotidis from the ASRC explains new plans to try & starve out 12,500 people seeking asylum

What you can do …

  • Write or phone Malcolm Turnbull to stop these changes being rolled out

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull –
Phone: Wentworth Office – (02) 9327 3988   or   Canberra Office – (02) 6277 7700
Email: Use the this form to email the Prime Minister.
Letters – Prime Minister, Parliament House, CANBERRA ACT 2600  or   PO Box 545, Edgecliff, NSW, 2027


  • In response to the changes to SRSS, in April the Buddies Refugee Support Group on the Sunshine Coast (Qld) has pledged to give $750 a month for at least 6 months towards accommodation and food costs for affected families in Brisbane.The funds are going to three organisations; the Asylum Circle and MDA (providing suitable accommodation for families) and the Romero Centre (providing food and grocery vouchers). You can help by signing petitions, supporting Buddies ongoing Food Drive, volunteering to help with Buddies fundraisers or running your own fundraiser.