Stalling the lawyers who aid asylum seekers

Stalling the lawyers who aid asylum seekers

Serious concerns over “Fast Track Processing” of Asylum Seekers
“[David Manne] is a lawyer, not a fundraiser. Nine times he and his organisation have been involved in High Court challenges to federal government immigration policies, and nine times they have prevailed.

“Right now, the battle is for funds, because the Abbott government, in its relentless campaign to deny asylum seekers, is adopting a starve-them-out strategy.

“Those asylum seekers wanting to avail themselves of TPVs are given 28 days to lodge their applications under the government’s new “fast-track” processing system.

“This is profoundly concerning. It’s a very serious situation,” says Manne. “As the federal government starts to process the cases of 31,000 asylum seekers and refugees seeking protection here, there have been major cuts to funding for legal assistance. More than 80 per cent of funding for our core client work has been cut. It’s a massive cut.”

“This cut applies not just to Manne’s organisation but also to all organisations providing legal help for asylum seekers.”

The Saturday Paper, 20 June 2015