Biloela family handed deportation notice

Tamil family from Biloela handed deportation notice despite 21-day appeal period

Gail Burke – ABC News – 25 June 2018

Australian Border Force (ABF) officials have been condemned as “underhanded” for acting late on Friday afternoon to issue a deportation notice to a Tamil asylum seeker family that could see them flown out of Australia within days.

The ABF notice came a day after the Federal Circuit Court rejected the family’s latest appeal against deportation, but ahead of any further court appeal.

Priya and Nades, and their two Australian-born daughters, remain at the Melbourne immigration detention centre where they have been held since they were removed from their home in the central Queensland town of Biloela, where they had lived for about three years.

A campaign led by Biloela residents has been pleading for government intervention to let the family stay.

Biloela-based family friend Angela Fredericks said she received a call about the notice from a family friend at about 5:00pm on Friday and was told the family could be deported by next Tuesday.

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