The Welcome Scroll

The Welcome Scroll

Currently the Welcome Scroll is “resting” during COVId restriction.

New arrivals, Burundian refugee and Sunraysia residents, Pacifique and Samanatha Ndayisaba with their beautiful daughter Monica, watch on as Deputy Mayor, Cr Jason Modica signs the Welcome Scroll on behalf of the Mildura Rural City Council.  Mildura Rural City Council was declared a Refugee Welcome Zone in 2002.

There are now 161 Refugee Welcome Zone (RWZ) councils across australia.

The Refugee Welcome Zone declaration is a public commitment in spirit to:

  • Welcoming refugees in to our community
  • Upholding the human rights of refugees
  • Demonstrating compassion for refugees
  • Enhancing cultural and religious diversity in our community

Launched at the 2016 Rural Australians for Refugees National Conference
The Welcome Scroll is a joint initiative of:

The success of this project demonstrates the genuine goodwill and support for the successful resettlement of refugees in our country.

2019 Welcome Scroll Report

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Phone: 0417 313 037
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