UN says Australia’s “chronic non-compliance” is “completely off the charts”

Australia’s “chronic non-compliance” “completely off the charts” says UN

Overnight Australia was slammed by the UN Human Rights Committee for its “chronic non-compliance” with, and disengagement from, that Committee’s work. Australia’s record on human rights was found lacking as part of the Committee’s review into Australia’s protection of civil and political rights.

Professor Yuval Shany, Vice Chair of the Committee, said Australia’s track record was “incredible” for a country that claims to be a leading voice on human rights.

Mr Shany directly contradicted Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s previous statement on Australia’s engagement with the UN, when he said Australia “has very little to be proud of.” He described Australia’s record as one of “chronic non-compliance” with the Committee’s findings, and said its compliance rate was so low it was “completely off the charts”

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