The power of rural voters

Wagga Wagga byelection shows the power of rural voters to unseat majors

More country electorates can become marginal – but only where incumbents are complacent and independents are organised
Gabrielle Chan – The Guardian – 10 Sept 2018

Wagga has turned on the New South Wales Liberal party. On Saturday the Berejiklian government lost a large chunk – nearly 30% – of formerly conservative voters. You might be wondering what the hell just happened.

The Wagga byelection had the conditions for a political storm for an incumbent government. If we are looking for lessons on whether it will be replicated at the next state and federal elections, hold your horses. Favourable conditions are still necessary.

The seat in southern NSW takes in the major town of Wagga Wagga, The Rock, Tumut and Lockhart, as well as the surrounding villages.

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