Where are the Boats?

31.7.2015  –  Bellingen and Nambucca RAR ask

Where are the boats?

Boats 2

An asylum seeker boat arrived on the Western Australian coast in July.

The asylum seekers have been flown back to Vietnam and the curtains of secrecy has been closed again.

Is is that simple?

We are staring a conversation on this subject

Where are the boats?

There are two stories that have allowed us to pull aside the veil of secrecy around what is happening at sea with asylum seeker boats.

  1. The boat on the way to New Zealand in June made a distress call and was found by the Australian Navy and returned to Indonesia. It was by luck only that on that return trip no one drowned.
  2. In July a boat from Vietnam reached the West Australian coast.

The Border Protection authorities did not know about the boat.


This is very significant. The story we have been told is that, as a result of Government Policy, no one has died at sea.

But if a boat does not make a distress call, the Navy does not know of its existence.

Therefore they do not know how many asylum seekers have died at sea which is the main argument for “stopping the boats”.

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