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There is a chance Minister Dutton will introduce his Medevac repeal legislation into the Senate this Wednesday or Thursday.

We cannot allow the repeal of legislation that is saving lives with critical medical treatment.

While terrifying bushfires destroy habitat and communities, the government should be focused on preventing climate change and supporting firefighters.

Yet they waste our Parliament’s time trying to prevent doctors from providing medical care to vulnerable, sick people. Unfathomable recklessness.

New South Wales Senator Andrew Bragg, Senator Hollie Hughes, and Senator Marise Payne have influence in the coalition government and can put internal pressure on Minister Dutton this week.

Can you call your Senators today and ask them to Save Medevac?

You will also find phone numbers, full instructions, talking points and a call tally at this link.

On the weekend people rallied across Australia, calling on Parliament to save Medevac from Minister Dutton, so doctors can provide medical care free of political interference.

Rural Australians for Refugees held an inspiring, all night vigil outside Parliament House on Sunday night.

“This lifesaving law has meant that doctors, not politicians decide treatment for people offshore. As politicians return to Canberra, we’re going to make sure it’s voices of quiet Australians from the bush they remember”
– Louise Redmond, National President, Rural Australians for Refugees

Since Medevac has been in place, no-one has died from medical neglect offshore because doctors have worked with the department to prioritise medical need over politics.

Join the movement to Save Medevac, click here to call your Senators now.

Together we will make sure people held offshore get the medical care they need.

P.S. If you haven’t already, please sign the two Save Medevac petitions to federal MP – HERE and HERE.

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