Welcome to Rural Australians for Refugees

Rural Australians joining together to make a difference to the lives of asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.

This is how we plan to go about it.

Our Ten Point Plan.


As a Nation …

Australia should:

Receive asylum seekers in accordance with the humane standards set out in the UN Convention on Refugees which Australia signed in 1954.

Close all off-shore and remote detention centres and take full responsibility for processing asylum seeker claims here in Australia.

Rescind all current legislation that condones and even encourages human rights violations and establish a formal multi-party parliamentary committee to draft refugee and asylum seeker policies that will gain bipartisan support.

Do more to improve public understanding of the plight of asylum seeker issues and to dispel common myths.

Provide orientation, training and support to urban and rural communities willing to assist refugees with accommodation and employment.

In our Region …

Australia should:

Work with our Asia Pacific neighbours to find co-operative and non-punitive solutions to the flow of refugees into and through the region.

Ensure that countries currently hosting disproportionate numbers of refugees are given appropriate support.

In the Global context …

Australia should:

Use its position on the United Nations Security Council

Seek a world-wide increase in aid for refugees

Seek to influence oppressive governments who are persecuting their minority groups.

Rural Australians for Refugees calls on the Australian Government to seek solutions at

a global, regional and national level to address the international asylum seeker and refugee crisis.



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