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Please return original signed sheets to Mike at Bellingen and Nambucca District RAR by 30 April 2017
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A fabulous resource –  

Videos from the UNHCR youtube website –


Ban on Mobile Phones in Detention Centres
The Immigration and Border Protection rationale behind the removal of mobile phones is set out here – http://bit.ly/2ilRxcs
 And RAC in Sydney responded –
We also received information from people in detention who say the ban has come in because, with the end of Telstra’s 2G phone network, the only phones now available for the 3G or 4G networks come with cameras and a video capacity which Border force do not want in detention centres.
There is an online Petition 

Chasing Asylum 1


Click here for “A Beginning List of DVDs/Films” for those interested in the Refugee Movement

Click here for ideas for a range of activities and suggestions from groups around Australia

National Action

The Coalition wants to block people who sought asylum by sea after 19 July 2013 from building a life in Australia forever

Will you help us block this latest cruel attack on refugees by calling crossbench Senators now?

There is a new place to post events and actions – and discover what is happening around the nation

Australian Refugee Action Network (ARAN) is providing a “billboard” of refugee advocacy events and actions across the nation, for quick reference.

(Please inbox ARAN with your group’s events, and it will be added to the list for each month.)

And don’t forget to check our own RAR Events Calendar


Recent Reports

Two new groups join the RAR network

Warburton & District RAR and Light the Dark Alice Springs


Letter Writing

Call For Letters, Emails and Phone Calls to Politicians

Hints on Letters and Current Issues

You can contact the Prime Minister online via the official form. Fill in your contact information then copy and paste your letter into the appropriate box.

See links below:
Prime Minister – https://www.pm.gov.au/contact-your-pm

Minister of Immigration and Border Protection –

Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten –

The newly appointed Shadow Minister of Immigration & Border Protection Shayne Neumann –

National RAR Conference Page

ASRC’s Words That Work Workshop at the National RAR Conference

One Voice, One Vision

Wow !   What a Weekend we had !!!

Read the Conference Report here

Missed the Conference or just want more?

Watch the video clips from the Conference

Chris Cummins, Conference Convener

Meet the Founders of RAR – Anne, Susan and Helen

Starting a new RAR Group

The Successful Resettlement of Refugees in Nhill

Listen to Gorgeous Voices

and read …

Call me Illegal:  The semantic struggle over seeking asylum in Australia by Ben Doherty

RAR Conference Newsletters


A two-day national conference on refugees took place in Bendigo on 3 & 4 September 2016.


Missed the Conference? Watch this space for news and more photos … when I catch my breath.

Hani Abdile 2

Missed the beautiful Hani at the Conference Dinner?

Watch her here as she recites her poem, I Will Rise.

And look for more of Hani’s poetry on YouTube




20160-09-03 Welcome Scroll LaunchThe Welcome Scroll

On Saturday, 3rd September 2016, John Trainer, Bendigo Town Crier for a day, welcomed one and all to our Launch event as part of our National RAR Conference.


Asher Hirsch RCOA) and Jan Govett (RAR) presented the Welcome Scroll for signing.

Mayor Fyffe of the Greater City of Bendigo and Mayor Henderson of Mt Alexander Shire are the first Local Government representatives to sign the Welcome Scroll

Come on the journey around our nation with the Welcome Scroll: 

a joint initiative of Rural Australians for Refugees  and Refugee Council of Australia


Bendigo Launches Young People for Refugees

Young People for Refugees




Newsletters   from  Groups  

and   Organisations


Welcome to the RAR Network


PETITIONS  …  …  …  When is a petition not a petition?   

Making Your Voice Heard … & … Sample Petition  for the House of Reps

Brief Guide to Senate Petitions


Three Organisations urgently need funds to provide Legal Services for Refugees


National Settlement StandardsSettlement Council of Australia – June 2015

On October 2015 the Department launched a new website for IMAs

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection says its IMA website is designed to enable IMAs and other users to navigate intuitively to information that is relevant to different stages of the IMA status resolution journey, including:

1.     living in the community while waiting to apply for a visa

2.     applying for a protection visa

3.     after a decision has been made on the application.

For up to date always check information on the Immigration and Border Force Website 



Home Among the Gum Trees

Dear RAR groups and friends

Would you like to help person to person?


There are ways to do this even if you are away from asylum seeker suburbs, especially if you are in Rural and Regional areas.

  1. Join Home Among the Gum Trees, Rural Australians for Refugees holiday program as a host or supporter.
  2. Be on the look-out for jobs  for asylum seekers in your area. Please forward any employer leads or contacts to Given the Chance for Asylum Seekers I Workforce Solutions that Matter I  Brotherhood of St Laurence I Centre for Work and Learning, 95 Brunswick Street Fitzroy Victoria 3065 I  T (03) 9288 9955  M 0400 153 148 IWvanRiet@bsl.org.au I Available Mon-Fri www.bsl.org.au

Either of these actions is  life changing for Asylum Seekers… and life changing for you!

Elaine Smith – mob 0427596977





No Business In Abuse is a movement of people who want corporations to know they face a choice: engage in Australia’s abusive detention regime or maintain a profitable business model.

Broadspectrum (formerly Transfield Services) and Wilson Security are the two corporations that provide services central to the detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru. Together they’re paid billions by the government – but they rely on other income streams as well, including contracts with local councils all around Australia.

Without contracts like these, their business model would fall apart – and that’s where you come in.

By organising and applying strategic local pressure, we can get our councils to say they won’t further contract with Broadspectrum and Wilson while they’re involved in detention. This way, their choice to be complicit in human rights abuses has immediate consequences for the rest of their business.

Are you in? Search for your nearest petition here

GetUp- No Abuse   Shen Narayanasamy is the new Human Rights Director at GetUp.

Let’s help Shen end business in abuse.  Click here to read more: www.nobusinessinabuse.org


Bumper Stickers available from Bellingen and Nambucca RAR


email John:  

50 cents each plus postage

New T shirts available –  details at http://bellorar.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/where-to-get-t-shirts.html


These bumper stickers are also available.   Email Peter – 

Say Yes to Refugees


Looking for information or resources about Refugee or Asylum Seeker issues?

Try RAC  and  Asylum Insight

From ChilOut – New Asylum Seeker Laws – Your Questions Answered

Australian Border Force Act explained

Asylum Policy in Australia Today
Asylum Insight have published a comprehensive update of background information on asylum policy in Australia. This content is updated annually to reflect recent changes in how Australia receives asylum seekers. The background information is presented in four main sections:


ASRC Project

Researching and Messaging Project

Probject aimed at reframing the narrative around asylum seekers and refugee


Don’t forget to check out the RAR Events Page

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A comprehensive report on the Economic and Social Impact of the Karen resettlement in Nhill


The Refugee Research Blog


Regional Refugee Action Networks

  • CVRSN – Central Victorian Refugee Support Network
    • Email for further information –  RAR Admin at 
  •  CRAG – Combined Refugee Action Group – Geelong, Victoria
    • Email – 
    • Facebook – CRAG
  • SCRAR – Surf Coast Rural Australians for Refugee 
    • Email – 
    • Website – SCRAR
    • Facebook – SCRAR
  • SENSWRSN – South Eastern NSW Refugee Support Network 
    • Email for further information –  RAR Admin at 

Refugee & Asylum Seekers Service and Support Mapping- May 2014 Mainstream and specialist support services available across the G21 (Geelong) region


We invite you to consider how you might work with Rural Australians for Refugees

  • Join one of the Refugee and Asylum Seeker support groups.  There are many RAR groups, community groups, church groups working to improve the lives of Asylum Seekers and Refugees
  • Engage in Fundraising,  Awareness- raising, and/or  Advocacy
  • If there is no group near you, consider starting one
  • Visit Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Detention Centres
  • Letter Writing – to Politicians – MPs Addresses   Senators Addresses
  • Letter Writing – the Refugee Council of Australia has an initiative called Write to Be Heard.
  • Visit our Facebook Page – Rural Australians for Refugees
  • Want to have your Asylum Seeker or Refugee Support group listed on our website?  
  • Send details to RAR Admin –

RAR group pages on this website are listed by States.

RAR Group Websites

Visit Rural Australians for Refugees Facebook pages – keep up-to-date with issues and events

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Those who wander are not lost  :  Tracking displaced people around the world

An excellent interactive graphic – Statistics based on 2014 figures supplied by UNHCR



Cartoon by Nicholson from “The Australian” newspaper: www.nicholsoncartoons.com.au

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